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Are you looking for a smart, accurate and reliable vibration monitoring solution to help you lower your operational costs and make your monitoring projects more efficient? Glad you found us! We make the Omnidots' innovative IoT vibration monitoring solutions available throughout the United States.

Amazing Features

Omnidots’ IoT vibration monitoring solutions are designed specifically for use in the construction industry. The system is ideal for both small and large projects. The “SWARM” vibration monitor, together with the cloud based "Honeycomb" web platform, provides you with insight into vibrations and helps you ensure that vibrations remain within the set limits. The SWARM is Omnidots’ all-in-one integrated vibration monitor which does vibration measurements, data logging and wireless data transfer by WiFi or LTE. The SWARM offers high quality, accurate vibration measurements using smart sensor technology and transfers the collected data to Omnidots’ cloud based web platform. The SWARM measures vibrations of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other fixed objects. The SWARM vibration monitor aligns it axis automatically and can be mounted in every angle, which makes installation unprecedented simple. The Swarm uses GPS for timing and positioning.

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Honeycomb is the Omnidots web platform, on which measurement data is collected and processed into insightful graphs. Honeycomb provides you with 24/7 access to your measurement data via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Reports and notifactions are automatically generated and send to you by email at the intervals and tresholds you desire. Honeycomb offers true remote monitoring. Not only are your monitoring results accessible 24/7 from anywhere at any time, you can set up and adjust your monitoring settings on the Honeycomb platform, from any location regardless of the actual monitoring location of your Swarm vibration monitor.


Have A Look

The SWARM vibration monitor in action.

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Mount, Plug in and... Monitor!

Start monitoring in just a few simple steps.


Mount SWARM using only one screw.


Connect SWARM to power source.


SWARM conducts auto axis alignment and starts measuring.


Login to HONEYCOMB account via tablet, smartphone or laptop from anywhere.


Adjust measurement settings and select options for alarm notifications.


View measurement data and generate reports, 24/7, from anywhere.

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