SWARM Battery

The SWARM Battery can power your SWARM up to six weeks. It’s an unprecedented small and handy Battery.


  • Compact, handy and IP65 rated.
  • Up to six weeks of monitoring on one battery charge.
  • UPS function: Charge while powering and continue uninterrupted measurements.
  • Hot swappable.
  • Combined with the Solar panel set ideal for long term remote monitoring.

Do you use your SWARM outdoors or out of reach of a mains power connection? In those cases, use the SWARM Battery. This battery provides your SWARM with power for up to six weeks and is incredibly compact and handy. The dimensions of this Lithium-ion battery are 206 x 113 x 86 mm (4.29 x 5.12 x 1.77 inches) and it weighs only 2 kg (4.4 lbs). You can safely use the battery outdoors. It’s IP65 protected against dust and water jets and it functions at an outdoor temperature of -10 to 65 °C (14° to 131° Fahrenheit). The quality of the SWARM Battery is guaranteed by its UN 38.8, MSDS and CE certification. Do you want to monitor long term or at a remote location? Then use the SWARM Battery in combination with the Omnidots Solar panel set.